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Light & colour aplenty (Part 2)

Guaratinga/Arraial d’Ajuda – 134 km.
2.027 m. of different levels

The longest stage of the race and that, which once again takes us from the forest campsite to the beach. Long distances that together with the strong winds that raised the soil from the forest tracks made the daily task more tortuous.

They take photographs to keep in their mobile phones, I retain the image recorded in my retina forever

Once again, we see all types of places and persons. They take photographs to keep in their mobile phones, I retain the image recorded in my retina forever. Our constancy and effort mean that we are situated in 13th position of the general classification. Not bad at all, considering the list of participants.

Arraial d’Ajuda – 21 km. -33 km.
348 m. of different levels

Once again, in the hotel, with that added comfort, we prepare an enjoyable and unusual stage in this type of races: race with 4 laps of an 8.2 kilometre circuit… at full gas!

Tracks, short and intense descents and ascents. It reminds so much of those years when I raced in rallies. There was no rest on that natural park bike situated among the undergrowth. A heart-stopping finish on the beach with a reward in the shape of a swim.

Did anyone believe that this was only a question of being constant?

Arraial d’Ajuda – 21 kms –75 km.
1,105 m. of different levels

At this stage, these 75 km are very hard, from the last stage -even more when you are here to give your utmost-, and in this case, we had to maintain the position where we were.

All this contrasts with the good taste of a very enjoyable stage through the forest where you see the finish after each tree and you taste it.  It is nice to see the happiness of everyone, with their own objective reached.

Finally, we manage a marvellous 12th position in the OPEN general classification.

The media are all for the winners, as well as the opinions of those who came later in the classification. All counts, each opinion is a reason for improvement considering the following edition.

It goes without saying that the reward is also a good session of discussions during the dinner, with the trophy giving ceremony, and of course… some Brazilian music.