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We always have the World Championship

The MTB World Championship is the great finale of the season. All cyclists come here, and they come to enjoy it. Just as the season has been planned and how strengths have lasted, the World Championship is unavoidable and everyone goes all out. It is also an inevitable event for enthusiasts, a weekend of emotions and races with which we will vibrate and enjoy ourselves from the first to the last second.

According to how near or how far is the call for each team, they can, more or less, extend their preparation ``at home`` or at the venue so that no-one misses the event.

This is a unique opportunity to straighten or close an entire season and put an outstanding final touch to a sports career.

The rainbow vest, precious treasure that all riders want to wear, at least for one year.

When the World Championship is held at the end of the season and included at the same venue and on the same weekend as the main categories (XCO and DHI), the final party of the season is very special. One week of madness, (the competition starts on Wednesday with the Team Relay race) in which the Mountain Bike enthusiasts can live the emotion glued to television or computer screens. In addition, the proximity of international bikers, even the most pro, allows enthusiasts that can get close to the circuit to enjoy an unequal global experience.

Walking around the boxes of a World Championship, with mechanics setting up the machines of professionals is something that all Mountain Bike enthusiasts should try to experience at least once in their life. Go around the circuit, see how they train and pass the most complicated points, learning from their technique to later put them into practice during our rides… and watching them close-up, seeing how they work their bikes, and taking thousands of photographic memories.

The World Championship is the utmost in regularity, the importance is to finish all the races. The best as possible, that is true, but sometimes it is not worth taking excessive risks and assuring good points.

But the World Championship is much more. Intense and extenuating effort for, more or less, two hours in which any minimum error or slackening is paid. There is no second opportunity until the following year, prisoners are not made, there is no margin for error… The World Championship is blessed madness in which your name can be written in golden letters.

28 years have already passed since the first edition held in Durango, Colorado, a historic event in which names like Ned Overend or Thomas Frischknecht became a legend. At that time, bicycles were made of steel, only some fortunate one (and not all “pros”) had aluminium bikes, but that championship gave the necessary impulse to convert Mountain Bikes into the preferred Christmas gifts in our country.

Also 18 years have passed since the championship held in our country, in Sierra Nevada, in June, 2000.

During that edition Marga Fullana in the Elite Feminine category and the complete Relay Team were victorious, re-writing the triumphs obtained the year before in Are, Sweden. When some of us where making our first pedal strokes on a Mountain Bike, Marga Fullana wore the Rainbow vest and was on the covers of specialized magazines.

Although in those years the circuits were much more natural, nowadays races are held on specific circuits, with very technical sections, like the “Rock Gardens”, jumps, infernal trials or rapid areas like descents with winding curves. But, even so, not one bit of emotion has been lost. To the contrary, the races have gained, because of the need for having “good legs” is joined with having food reflexes and physical strength, because of the technique of these MTB gladiators.


The ascents also have changed, although some areas of much pedalling have been kept, where now the differences are seen in the shorter ascents but greater gradients, those that require explosiveness and technique to not lose not even one second.

This MTB World Championship is held in Cairns, Australia, on one of the legendary international Mountain Bike circuits, in the Smithfield Regional Park, a forest situated at the north of the city.

A circuit with many artificial sections and techniques that will demand maximum concentration of the bikers. And the best response from the material, because these areas, full of jumps, rocks, ruts, and steps will put to test the efficiency and resistance of the bikes. Having the best material is one step towards the final victory.

Jordan Sarrou and Victor Koretzky, French representatives, are two of the BH riders with serious options for medals. Not in vain both have been the winners of gold medals obtained in Team Relay for France in the years 2011, 2014, 2015 and 2016, as well as the silver ones achieved in 2012 and 2013 (both coincided in this team in 2012, 2015 and 2016). The Mexican Daniela Campuzano in Elite Feminine category and the sub-23 Lena Gerault (France) and Martina Berta (Italy) are also candidates for the Rainbow Vest at the end of the race.


The BH Lynx Race, Lynx Race RC and Ultimate are the mounts chosen by these racers for the Cairns event.