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The new Zenith range offers new advancements, several technological innovations, and all the details and the highest standards of quality that the most demanding rider wants and expects.

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The attractive Zenith frame has been designed with cl...

The new Zenith, in 7005 aluminium, incorporates major technical innovations and all the details of a high-range frame

1. High-end 7005 aluminium frame

Its construction and geometry have been directly inspired by the successful Ultimate range.

Manufactured in 7005 aluminium using hydroforming technology

Built with high-end 7005 aluminium, the Zenith frame is manufactured under the tube-to-tube process with three different thicknesses (1.6 mm, 0.9 mm, and 1.8 mm) to provide greater rigidity to the delicate areas and increased flexibility to other areas. As a result, the Zenith frame weighs only 1,380 grs. in size S.

The Zenith frame has been manufactured in 7005 aluminium with hydroforming technology. This has allowed BH to design attractive frames with significant coefficients of resistance and lightness and the highest standards of quality that the brand demands of all its models.

The hydroforming technology allows custom tubes to be made and provides more rigidity to critical areas and greater lightness to other areas. Thus the design of the Zenith frames combines extra stiffness in the lower part and a high level of comfort and flexibility in the upper tubes. This provides great capacity for vertical absorption and lends lateral stiffness to the frame.

Its two rear dropouts are also made ​​of forged aluminium and it is specifically designed to accommodate the Evo Brake Mount system, as in the Ultimate and Ultimate RC frames.

2. Press Fit 92 bottom bracket

Wider, more rigid in torsion

One of the most innovative and notable features that BH has incorporated into the Zenith frame is the new Press Fit 92 bottom bracket, which gives it greater lightness and strength.  Its increased width, 92 mm, has allowed the torsional rigidity to be increased and the wall thickness to be reduced by increasing the diagonal tube section.

3. Integrated tapered aluminium head tube

The integrated tapered aluminium head tube, a technology typical of BH’s Lynx frames, is another important technological development incorporated into the Zenith frames. This new head tube significantly increases lateral and torsional stiffness.

4. Direct Mount front derailleur anchor

The Direct Mount derailleur offers a high level of quality and reliability in the front derailleur anchor. Its development, fully integrated with the frame, gives greater rigidity and accuracy when shifting gears. The design makes adjustment extremely easy.

5. Geometry

Great sense of comfort and responsiveness

The Zenith frame is inspired by the successful Ultimate range. Both models share the same geometry and the 15 cm-head tube offers a comfortable and relaxed riding position for the rider. The seat stays have been designed and manufactured with a curvature and specific design to absorb vibrations from minor impacts. Therefore, the frame geometry provides a great sense of responsiveness and comfort.

6. EVO Brake Mount System

Las vainas han sido desarrolladas expresamente para alojar el sistema EVO Brake Mount. Este sistema se ubica en la vaina trasera del cuadro y con un óptimo ángulo de inclinación que reduce las vibraciones de frenado en la rueda trasera.

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