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Believe in the future of riding

xtep: Believe in the future of riding

Climb higher. Go further. Enjoy yourself longer. These were the ultimate goals for the development of BH Bikes' new range of electric mountain bikes. The Xtep has arrived to push the limits of the e-mountain bike. One of the biggest strengths of the Xtep is that it has a range of up to 155 kilometres. This is achieved by using a 720Wh battery paired with the Shimano STEPS E8000 motor. This combination is available nowhere else on the market.

Xtep is the culmination of all the technologies developed by BH Bikes over the course of a decade. Xtep has all of the benefits of the patented X System including its easy battery removal. You don't even need a traditional key; you just use the Smart Key personal wristband.


Shimano E8000

The Xtep range incorporates the Shimano E8000 motor. It weighs just 2.88 kg and it has an optimal Q factor of 177 mm. The motor was designed so that the distance from the bottom bracket axle to the most rear point of the motor would be the minimum, optimising the length of the chainstays. Shimano have developed a compact and lightweight construction that allows optimal integration in the bike, maintaining the minimum chainstay lengths and applying competition geometries.


The optimal layout of the electrical elements allows frames and bikes to be designed without sacrificing anything and allows a High Performance geometry to be developed.Thanks to the position of the down tube, there is sufficient fork and tyre width clearance for use in Enduro and Aggressive Trail cycling.

X System

The “X System” guarantees maximum frame stiffness. The down tube has a triple extrusion without any type of cutting or CNC that would alter its properties or weaken it.