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Reaching new levels in aerodynamics and design

A further development in the concept of the most successful high-end road bike. The BH G8 Disc combines the benefits of an aero frame with the strengths of a traditional bicycle, to create an all-terrain machine that is capable of overcoming any challenge at the highest level.

New era for integration

The BH G8 Disc marks a new era for integration, with the entire front of the bike being adapted to enable fully internal cabling. The cables pass directly through the inside of the handlebars, run along the stem and then go inside the frame, without being visible at any point.



The raised steering tube and a short rear triangle provide a lower centre of gravity and allow for optimal manoeuvrability. The narrower, shorter and asymmetric chainstays and the design of the back brake achieve a much more responsive and rigid rear that improves pedalling performance on ascents.


To achieve the aerodynamic and innovative cross section and optimal geometry of the rear triangle, computer analyses and fluid dynamics tests were carried out. The R&D team identified the cross-sectional areas that had the best results for enhancing them on the G7 Disc frame. Its Kamm Tail design in the shapes of the tubes optimises the passage of air.



Integration has also been a pre-requisite for the design of the saddle clamp, with a double clamp that is perfectly integrated with the lines of the BH G8 Disc's frame.