ATOMX: a new obsession

The new AtomX brings together outstanding sporting performance and the most advanced electric technology.

The competition geometry of the new 29” models improves the performance of the Ebikes in terms of traction, braking and inertia. Its rear triangle of just 468 mm gives the AtomX excellent stability on technical terrains.


The new AtomX frame, with groundbreaking lines, was designed by BH’s R&D team after more than 3 years of research and development. With a front triangle incorporating extreme and aggressive lines, its exceptional standover height allows you to ride the bike with ease, thanks to the sloping Top Tube design. The shape of the Down Tube ensures exception fork and wheel clearance for use in Enduro and aggressive Trail cycling.

The built-in battery incorporates the new 21700 cells, which offers the highest energy capacity on the market (5 Ah). This allows the ATOM battery to achieve a total capacity of 720 Wh contained in a compact down tube design, providing the potential for 155 km of range.



AtomX Ebikes come with the Brose S Mag motor, which is compact and has a magnesium construction, reducing its weight by up to 2.9 kg, maintaining a maximum torque of 90 Nm. This motor has proven robustness, as it was developed from the Brose S motor, which has been on the market for over 4 years.
Its internal drive belt and clutch, which disconnects the motor, ensure the smoothness of the motor and reduce the noise and friction to a minimum when not using assistance. It provides assistance up to a maximum cadence of 130 rpm, with its optimal operating point being with the user at high cadences (90-120 rpm).


The new 29" range, just like conventional MTBs, enables an energy saving of 15%-20% and a longer battery life.


The new X Display is located in the inner section of the handlebars, to ensure that it is fully protected.
It has a trans?ective LCD colour screen to ensure maximum visibility and it has an Ant+ connection and Bluetooth.

The new X Remote control has been o optimizado con una protección en el extremo que evite roces cuando volteamos la bici. It is adapted for 31,8 mm and 35 mm handlebars. It incorporates a vibration function to notify the user of prede?ned noti?cations.