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A step forwards in design, aerodynamics and performance.

“Speed is addictive. You can't get enough of it. The faster you can ride, the greater the desire to go even faster”


To achieve the aerodynamic and innovative cross section and optimal geometry of the rear triangle, computational analyses and fluid dynamics tests were carried out. Through computer analyses of the wind tunnel and fluid dynamics the frame lines have been optimised for better air penetration and to improve the drag coefficient. The R&D team identified the cross-sectional areas that offered the best results for improving these on the G8 Disc frame.

“Connecting to your handlebars in your most aerodynamic position and feeling how the wind goes from being your enemy to becoming your travelling companion.”


HCIM-Hollow Core Internal Moulding technology was used to obtain a lightweight, rigid, sensitive and reactive frame.

Hollow Core Internal Molding:
"Technology for monocoque frames that applies high pressure in the mould to achieve the highest levels of compact material and eliminate inconsistent pressures in the frame that create bubbles and imperfections. It allows us to ensure that we achieve optimal thickness in each part of the frame"

Having the aerodynamics on your side helps you to make the most of your effort. It doesn't matter if you are competing, riding on your favourite route, improving your time in your favourite segment or simply enjoying your favourite road.


The entire front of the BH G8 has been adapted to enable fully internal cabling. The cables pass directly through the inside of the handlebars, run along the stem and then go inside the frame, without being visible at any point.


Integration has also been a pre-requisite for the design of the saddle clamp, with a double clamp that is perfectly integrated with the lines of the BH G8 Disc's frame.


The raised steering tube and a short rear triangle provide a lower centre of gravity and ensure optimal manoeuvrability. The narrower, shorter and asymmetric chainstays and the design of the back brake achieve a much more responsive and rigid rear that improves pedalling performance on climbs.


The inclusion of a 160 mm disc brake at the front and 140 mm at the rear with Flat Mount technology has been a real game changer, achieving better air penetration and improved aerodynamics.
The 12 mm thru-axle is the optimal size to provide increased stiffness and safety. It optimises the position of the disc brake. And it doesn't require tools if the cyclist needs to remove the wheel.

Covering straight stretches that used to seem endless. Swooping around bend after bend with agility and speed. Standing hard on the pedals to keep up the pace on each slope. Feel how the bike works with you, making you quicker. That passion for speed is what makes our aero bikes come to life.