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The aim of the R&D team involved in the complete redesign of the new XC Ultimate EVO & Ultimate RC bike was to improve what has been one of the top frames for competitions for years due to its geometry and performance in World Cups.

Maximum performance

The key areas in the development were; an extremely lightweight frame-Ultimate Evo, weighing 840 grams in M size, a 20 mm increase in reach, very short rear chainstays - 420 mm - and a 68º steering angle.

The goal was to create a bike that would achieve optimal balance with the rider, that was even more manoeuvrable on climbs and that would enhance its performance during descents and on more technically challenging terrains.

Extremely lightweight

To create a more lightweight frame, we used the best Toray T1100 carbon fibres and HCIM technology (Hollow Core Technology). This applies high-modulus carbon, Evo Carbon Layup, resin and high pressure to inside the mould to prevent imperfections and pressure, thus achieving a record low weight without sacrificing the stiffness in any part of the frame.

This meticulous work on the carbon layup has allowed us to; increase the stiffness in the bottom bracket and the steering and improve the comfort on the seat stays and seat tube.

Outstanding agility

Its ultracompact chainstays, only 420 mm, ensure agility and stunning acceleration. The perfect combination of stability on descents and reactivity on climbs.

It also features a dropout with a similar appearance to the BH road bikes, more solid and compact, which reduces the width of the rear chainstays by 2 cm.And it gives the frame's new lines a stylish and sleek appearance.

Maximum stiffness.

The design of the Press Fit92 bottom bracket box has allowed us to widen the diagonal tubes to provide maximum stiffness and minimal bending between the front and rear triangles.

This guarantees strength in this key area, where the pedalling forces are directly applied.

Flat Mount Technology

The BH Ultimate product range features countless little details. It comes with a bracket for the Flat Mount brake clamp, to help ensure a light weight and the best possible integration.

Despite its minimalist design, the frame has been designed to comfortably withstand the stress produced by the rear brake.

Of course, it comes with a Boost frame and you can easily install two bottle cages.

The Direct Mount rear brake bracket with a threaded insert is easier to adjust and more reliable.

Tested by elite cyclists

Before it was launched onto the market, the BH Ultimate EVO was put through its paces on the circuits of the XCO World Cup. The best and most demanding testing ground. Carlos Coloma and Rocío del Alba García put the new model to the test and confirmed the reliability of the brand's new 29” rigid bike.


BH Bike

One notable feature is the addition of the Blocklock steering system by Acros, which restricts the turning angle of the handlebars to 150º. No more hitting the upper tube with the handlebars.

A bicycle with which you can get your 100%without wasting energy and getting more agility


BH Bike

This model is added to the BH Unique programme, so you can customise the colours by selecting from a wide range of shades and configurations. It is the first of our MTBs to include this option.