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The new ATOMX Carbon range combines lightness, an outstanding sporting performance and the most advanced electric technology of AtomX Carbon, in addition to the new 29” models, the Brose S Mag motor and the new X Display & X Remote for an improved performance.


The AtomX Carbon frame was designed by BH's R&D team with the aim of creating an AtomX Carbon frame with ground-breaking lines, redefined using carbon.

The freedom to create different shapes, as well as the stiffness and lightness of high-modulus carbon, has allowed us to produce a frame that is 2 kg lighter, 50% more rigid and a rear triangle that is 123% more rigid than its aluminium version. Made from 100% carbon, including the tie rod, rear chainstays and dropout.

With a front triangle with extreme and aggressive lines, its standover height allows you to ride the bike with ease, thanks to the tilt in the upper tube.

The shape of the down tube ensures adequate fork and wheel clearance for use in Enduro and aggressive Trail cycling. In addition, it provides maximum stiffness, thanks to its triple extrusion and with no cutting or CNC processing that alters or reduces its properties.

Its rear triangle of just 461 mm and its 67º steering angle improve the rider's position and performance while riding, for improved downhill handling and providing the e-bike with excellent stability on technical terrains.

The competition geometry of the new 29" models improves the performance of the e-bike's traction, braking and inertia, saving up to 15% - 20% of power to achieve a longer battery range.


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    Magnesium construction

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    4 assistance levels

ATOMX e-bikes feature the Brose S Mag motor, which offers an outstanding performance. It is a very light motor, weighing just 2.9 kg, featuring a compact design and made of magnesium. Its internal drive belt and clutch ensure the smoothness of the motor and reduce the noise and friction to a minimum when not using assistance. New protection housings have been designed together with the Brose S Mag motor, which eliminate noise, friction and isolate the motor and connections from the exterior.

The Brose S Mag motor maintains a maximum torque of 90 Nm and has a maximum cadence of 130 rpm, achieving its optimum performance at high user cadence rates (90-120 rpm).

The rider can customise the acceleration and assistance levels through the X Display.


The built-in ATOMX battery has a range of up to 155 km. The battery has a 720 Wh capacity and is hosted inside the down tube, offering the most compact cross section in the market, thanks to the new 21700 cells, which have the highest energy density in the market, i.e., 5 Ah per cell.

The X System used in ATOMX bikes guarantees a low position of the heavier elements of the system, the motor and battery, to achieve a low centre of gravity that ensures a reactive and stable bike.

The system includes a 4A fast charger that allows the battery allows for a rapid charge with 80% capacity in 3 hours.


The built-in batteries feature a high- performance BMS (Battery Management System) that ensures very low consumption and prolongs the life of the battery if it is unused for long periods. Deep sleep mode is activated automatically and allows a battery with 10% capacity to be recharged up to 400 days later.



This is your dream. It's within your grasp.

Your perfect configuration and colours that define you, combined with the passion and technology that we put into each of our bikes. Thanks to BH Unique, you are creating a unique bike that defines and sets you apart.


The new ATOMX range features a new X Remote control, which has been optimised in terms of its functions and design.

It has a guard on the end to prevent any friction when you turn the bike. In addition, it features a vibration mode that warns the rider with pre-defined notifications.


The new X Display of the ATOMX range is located in the inner section of the handlebar, to ensure that it is fully protected. This new position of the XDisplay allows the use of stems of different lengths and angles

It features a 2.8" transflective LCD colour screen to ensure maximum visibility, as well as an Ant+ and Bluetooth connection, also featuring automatic modes based on torque or heart rate.

It also features the same functions of the previous display: range, battery capacity, travel time, speed, distance, power, cadence, time of day, identification of the assistance mode according to the colour, automatic light ON/OFF, throttle function up to 6 km/h, parameterisation of the assistance modes, battery and system diagnostics and micro-USB charging port.


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The bikes of the ATOMX Full Suspension range feature the Split Pivot technology patented by BH. A suspension system developed exclusively for BH Bikes and based on the traction, pedalling efficiency, manoeuvrability and stiffness of the bicycle.

In this range, the asymmetrical seat tube is visible to the rider on the SAG adjustment indicator and it features a new routing system for the travel seatpost, which is more direct and natural and minimises the cable friction inside the cover, making its installation easier.

Polarising, pretty, peculiar, particular– well what is it? | ATOMX Carbon

X BOTTLE 500 ml

BH Bike

A bottle and bottle cage have been exclusively designed for the ATOMX and XTEP models. The bottle cage is fitted to the lower part of the upper tube and attached with a magnetic bracket.