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The G7 is the natural evolution of the G6 Pro, Aerodynamic, stiff and maximum performance

The BH Bikes R&D team has developed the G7 Disc based on all the innovations developed for the G6 Pro. This frame is aimed at professional cyclists and has the same geometry as the G6 Pro

G7 Pro: A true devourer of kilometres

An aggressive profile bicycle that invites to race, accelerate, push on and devour kilometres on flat roads.
From the first pedal-stroke, the G7 Pro delivers enormous potential and shows that even small details are important in competition.

Ultralight EVO: Ultralight, capacity for climbing and explosive

Ultralight, minimalist, reactive and sensitive frame. It is suited to precise changes of pace and bends at maximum speed. Maximum vertical and lateral stiffness.

Aerolight: gives you the edge

The perfect frame for top-level triathletes. Designed to cut through the wind, reach high speeds and take advantage of flat ground and give you the edge up hills. With a Kamm Tail design and a front triangle that allows a perfect coupling.