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BH tri team once again on the podium for the world series in australia


Members of the BH Tri Team finished a brilliant performance to repeat a triple presence in the Top-10 of the third event in the World Series contested on the Gold Coast in Australia.


The BH Tri Team finished its great performance with Fernando Alarza’s seventh place. The Toledo resident powered through the cycling and swimming together wit the best of the head of the field and in the last kilometres of the race lost contact with the privileged places, even though he finished in a noteworthy seventh place, which reaffirmed him in general.

Ir a BH tri team once again on the podium for the world series in australia

Ultralight EVO | TEST CyclingTips




When BH released the Ultralight a few years ago, it sparked a fresh round of efforts by major manufacturers to build the world’s lightest road frame. In 2015 BH refined the Ultralight to yield the Ultralight EVO that weighs in around 700g to ensure that it is still considered one of the world’s lightest road frames.


CTech editor Matt Wikstrom recently spent some time on the new Ultralight EVO to find out how it lived up to its claims

Ir a Ultralight EVO | TEST CyclingTips

TRI Team | weekend highlights

 TRI Team | weekend highlights


Past weekend the World Triathlon Series arrived to Auckland (NZ) for its second race. Fernando Alarza achieved his best performance in the WTS with a 4th position, after a great 10 km running section.

The Spanish athlete is now 3rd in the ITU Ranking. One position down and still in the top-class, Mario Mola is in the 4th spot after a tough race for him in Auckland.

Far from Auckland, in South Africa, Eneko got a 5th place in a tough race. Good points for the Kona Pro Ranking, wich is his major goal for this season.