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The spark that keeps the competitive flame alive,
with Tiago Ferreira.

Tiago Ferreira is one of the greatest marathon mountain bikers in the history of this discipline. It's hard to find a major stage race where his name hasn't been registered. At 36 years old, and having become world champion 8 years ago, many might think he's in the twilight of his sporting career. But nothing could be further from the truth.

2024 marks a new beginning for Tiago. After years without change and feeling suffocated by a routine that dampened his sporting fire, the more ambitious, energetic, and motivated Tiago has returned. All thanks to stepping out of his comfort zone and taking on the challenge of creating his own team. Vouzela BH is more than just a name in a ranking.

It's the spark that keeps Tiago Ferreira's competitive flame alive.

Established as one of the world's best XCM bikers, many may not know that his origins lie in XCO, and he even competed in the Olympics in that discipline. .

"I started competing in local races with my friends. There, the director of a local team invited me to join their team, and I started competing at the national level.”

He didn't take long to stand out. It was clear he had talent. At that time, the only way to pursue MTB was through XCO. That's where he sought a way to improve.

He achieved the goal that nowadays every XCO biker on the planet seeks: to compete in the Olympics. But his story is very different from the traditional one of an XCO athlete.


“My goal wasn't to go to the Olympics, but at that time, XCM stage races earned points for XCO, and we managed to secure 2 spots for Portugal because of that.” The clichés say that the Olympics are the ultimate goal for any athlete, the pinnacle of sports. But it wasn't like that for Tiago Ferreira, who experienced them firsthand in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. “Honestly, it wasn't a great experience. I was left with a bad taste because I couldn't finish the race. Maybe I expected more.

Interestingly, in that same year, 2016, he experienced that bittersweet moment at the Olympics, which for most is the peak of their sporting career, but also the most exciting moment of his sporting career: being crowned XCM world champion. Something he truly savored:

I don't go out to train thinking about becoming world champion. But that year, I did. I was coming off being the European runner-up, and I knew I was in good physical shape. It's a dream come true.


Still, he keeps his feet on the ground. “It didn't change my life. Maybe in another sport, but not in MTB. It did change the responsibility I brought to the races. But I was still in a good place as an athlete. It didn't give me pressure; it gave me more motivation.”

And after having won the rainbow jersey, Tiago Ferreira has continued to shine in the best races year after year, an example of perseverance and passion for MTB.

I still train eagerly, and I still see that I can win races. When I see that I can't, I'll retire.
That's clear to me.

If you follow XCM, you surely know Tiago Ferreira's strengths and weaknesses. He acknowledges them himself. “Technique is my weak point. When I was young, I couldn't start in a technical school like they have now, and that shows. My strong point is consistency. I can be in shape all year round.”

But it seems his weak point is going to cease to be so much in 2024: “I finally have a competitive bike, very well developed by other top bikers, and a very powerful development team. I had very good references from Ortiz and Valero. But now, after the Leyenda de Tartessos, I can say it has been a drastic change. In everything. It has changed the way I ride my bike a lot."



"It's incredible how important it is to have a good bike nowadays"

Tiago Ferreira

"It's incredible how important it is to have a good bike nowadays"

Tiago Ferreira

Being a world champion, European champion, and Red Bull-sponsored athlete, Tiago Ferreira would be a global media star in many other sports, but he knows that, as of today, XCM has limited reach:

“I think we'll continue like this for a while, because XCM is still not an Olympic discipline. Until it becomes Olympic, it will be seen as the 'poor' discipline of MTB. The World Cup that the UCI has organized doesn't help either, with no impact. We know that in XCM, it's difficult to broadcast races, and that's important. I also believe that other paths can be opened, as they are doing in the United States, with their own rules and coverage.”

In this new sporting beginning that 2024 represents for Tiago Ferreira, there is also a new motivation: gravel. “One of the reasons I wanted to create my team is to be able to make my own calendar. To do races that excite me. I've done gravel before, but now I'm going to do it more ambitiously. My goal is to be at the World Championships and, in the short term, get a good result in The Traka.”

BH Bikes
If MTB and gravel races weren't enough, Tiago Ferreira also takes on personal challenges and record-breaking attempts. In 2020, together with Red Bull, he set the record for ascent in 24 hours, climbing 17,753 meters.
More than double Everesting.

For this year, he has another challenge in mind, although he can't reveal it yet. “In May, I'll prepare a new record attempt. It won't be uphill, but it will be within the idea of doing something radical.”

We say goodbye to Tiago Ferreira by asking about a dream for 2024. He answers without hesitation: “Winning the World Championship.” But then we ask, “In marathon biking or gravel?" With a laugh, he replied, “For now, in XCM; I still need more experience in gravel.”