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with Felipe Orts.

The story of Felipe Orts is a tale full of new changes, challenges, and progress. His beginnings were on the road, but he soon delved into cyclocross.

At the age of 9, he embarked on his journey in his birthplace, Villajoyosa, under conditions radically different from those typically encountered in international cyclocross. However, with his effort and dedication, Felipe managed to find the path to shine on the mud and grass meadows of Northern Europe.

I come from the bottom.This progression from Spain to Belgium, I had it before on a different scale.
It was from Alicante to the Basque Country.It was the same step: going far away to a place where
they dominated and trying to win.

Obviously, in this process, he had to adapt to the circumstances of very different races and places. "International races demand a lot. I believe that in all disciplines, what makes you improve is competing against them."

As of today, we could place Felipe Orts in the category of all-around cyclists. This new breed of athletes capable of shining in multiple cycling disciplines is revolutionizing the way cycling is understood.

However, if Felipe has to choose one discipline, he is clear about it:

I'm into cyclocross,
above anything else.

Felipe has grown within the winter discipline of cycling. And he has done so
by going through all possible steps.

"Since I started at 7 years old, I've tried to combine all the disciplines I could. It's true that many times I've been focused on cyclocross and road, but I've always wanted to give MTB a try. Know how far I could go."

His multi-disciplinary profile has also led him to try gravel, adding to the list of sports where he has competed (and excelled): "Now I've added gravel, a mix of classic road and cyclocross, and it's quite trendy."

Gravel is an incredibly fun discipline
that is basically regulating itself as it goes.Everyone who practices it seems to love it.
It's here to stay.

In the realm of gravel, he had the chance to ride the new BH GravelX Carbon and compare it to his cyclocross bike. "It's fantastic, very rigid and fast, which is what you're looking for in gravel. They've added a touch of comfort with that flexible rear part. And aesthetically, it's impressive. It has more of a road bike look. You can tell it's designed for gravel. BH has put a lot of effort into it."


Many athletes are afraid to venture outside of their discipline.But it's something good that helps you improve.

Lately, where we've seen him the most, apart from cyclocross, is in MTB. Will we see Felipe Orts competing alongside David Valero? "I've always wanted to have a full season of MTB. Perhaps next year, I can consider doing an MTB season to compete on the same terms as my rivals."

"My goal for the next year is to perform well in the World Championship, which has eluded me. Obviously, also the Spanish Championship and the Benidorm World Cup. These are two incredibly important races for a rider like me. But this year, the focus is to start a bit more gradually, with an eye towards the end of the year."

If you start well,
things are more likely to fall into place.

Felipe Orts is the clearest example that one can go from the bottom to the summit of sports step by step. No one better than him to offer advice to those looking to follow in his footsteps.

"I would recommend them to try taking a step forward every year. Understand that each step is overcome one by one. Just because you have a season that doesn't go well doesn't mean everything is over. Each season has its ups and downs, and if you keep working, the results will come."