Power and Aerodynamics

The new G6 range, made in one carbon piece, has improved in lightness, rigidity and aerodynamic efficiency.

Inspired by the successful G5 model, the engineering team at BH Bikes has been able to develop this concept further and produce the new G6.


1. A completely new and lighter frame

Designed for road bicycle racing, the new G6 maximises its aerodynamic qualities. From the first turn of the pedals, the G6 displays an enormous power and shows how all the small details are important at top-level competition. The new G6 range has improved in lightness and rigidity because it is made in one carbon piece, as so is the front derailleur and cable guide slots.

2. Core removal technology

We build bicycles from the inside out

The G6 is a one-piece frame manufactured entirely with carbon fibres. Just like in the Ultralight frame, it has been manufactured using core removal technology, which consists in a high-pressure system that avoids creating any bubbles or imperfections within the carbon. This exclusive system brings out the best quality of the compact material and eliminates any inconsistent pressure within the mould.

The use of carbon in the development of the G6 is the result of many years of research and building top of the range carbon frames. This innovative technology allows controlling and optimising the ideal thickness of the different parts of the frame during its construction, choosing the most suitable carbon fibres for its development and keeping their superimposition to a minimum to ensure extreme rigidity and lightness.

The resin used during the moulding process has helped the BH technical team to produce an unmatched combination of lightness and rigidity in the aero category, while maintaining the highest levels of quality required for competing in road bicycle racing.

The cross-sections of the G6 tubes have been designed after applying formulas and conducting analyses and tests that maximise the frame's aerodynamics without affecting its rigidity. The innovative seat post design is part of the efficient aerodynamic development of the G6 range.

The front derailleur's support has been moulded in carbon, is extremely rigid and light and offers an unmatched performance when changing between chainrings.

3. 1.5" Integrated carbon conical headset

Maximum handling and torsion stiffness.

The 1.5" carbon conical headset, fully integrated into the G6 frame, produces exceptional torsion stiffness ratios and provides great handling. The diagonal section of the new G6's head tube has been reduced in over 11% for more efficiency and lower wind resistance.

4. The most aerodynamic fork

The fork is manufactured in one carbon piece, and it includes a base for the 1.5" conical bearing in its design. This innovative fork gives shape to one of the lightest and most resistant frames once integrated into the aero racing frame of the G6. It is, without a doubt, the most aerodynamic fork that BH has ever manufactured.

5. Oversized bottom bracket

The G6's bottom bracket has been oversized to incorporate the BB386EVO system, which ensures greater torsion stiffness and cycling efficiency. Thanks to its 86.5 mm base the surface, rigidity and resistance has been increased. This innovation has enabled BH to increase the size of the down tubes up to a diameter of 80 mm, thus reducing the thickness of the walls and increasing the torsion stiffness in the crankset and frame rear areas.

6. Cable guides within the frame

Maximum protection, easy maintenance

The original cable guiding system designed by BH for the G6 permits the integration of mechanical or electronic systems, guaranteeing maximum protection.

7. Slooping geometry

Optimum handling

Just like in the preceding G5 range, the G6 has slooping geometry. The head tube has been slightly lifted, the rear triangle has been shortened and the seat's angle has been slightly modified to place the centre of gravity in a lower position than usual with the aim of achieving optimum handling and immediate acceleration.

«New G6: reliability, speed, lightness and energy»

Nicola Spirig - Gold Medal London 2012 Olympic Games

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