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Flow with me

The new Xtep Carbon is the most innovative electric mountain bike ever developed. Its characteristic curved down tube has allowed us to develop a low standover, a trail geometry for its 170 mm of travel and to include a small size without sacrificing anything.

Why is the down tube curved?

To ensure a lower standover

Super Enduro geometry
for 170 mm

All sizes available

Small size without sacrificing anything

+ stiffness

70% stiffer head tube than previous XTEP.

Its battery lever has the shape of a “dovetail joint”, making it a perfect fit to avoid any type of vibration while in motion.

We have oversized the main axle on the Split Pivot suspension, increasing stiffness by 36%.

A carbon frame

+ lighter

2,200 grams.

The Xtep Carbon frame weighs JUST 2,200 grams, so it's very similar to BH's high-end dual suspension bikes.

Let´s flow

Concentrate on enjoying yourself

465mm rear

Geometría Trail

65º steering angle

Geometría Trail

A trail geometry, with a very short rear and an advanced steering angle that gives the rider a comfortable ride, ensuring that it has the necessary stiffness for climbs and giving you control of your bike on descents and in technical areas.

Its Split Pivot suspension means that you can concentrate on enjoying riding your eMTB.

As far as you want to go

155 km range

The Xtep Carbon features a 720 Wh battery with high energy density that gets you wherever you want to go.

4 fully customisable assistance modes allow you to optimise your performance.


Optimised for greater power when needed, optimising rider control and reducing the power when it is not needed.


It increases the range by up to 20%, allowing you to get wherever you need to go.

Internal cables

They're on the inside. The whole development of the Xtep Carbon - from the design of the frame to the fully integrated cables - has been designed to produce the most attractive eMTB available on the market.

Shimano EP801

The motor.

Your power at 380%

  • Very quiet

    Very quiet

  • Light. 2.5 kg

    Light. 2.5 kg

  • Maximum cadence 130rpm

    Maximum cadence 130rpm

  • Torque 85Nm

    Torque 85Nm

  • Q Factor 175mm

    Q Factor 175mm

  • A natural ride.
  • Supporting the rider on climbs and helping them to control the bike on descents.
  • Low drag.
  • The power is maintained for prolonged periods on climbs and at an optimal operating point on high cadences (90-120 rpm).

We take care of every little detail

The large motor guard is integrated and screwed into the frame.

And the rear triangle guards are integrated into the frame.

The clamp lock is built into the saddle to ensure outstanding aerodynamics

The rear suspension's screws are hidden, resulting in a cleaner look.

Smart Key: your private access to the battery

Smart Key configured individually for each Xtep Carbon, ensuring that only you can open the battery lever to remove or charge the battery.

Fully integrated with the bottle

The curved design of the diagonal tube has given us enough space to have a bottle holder that is built into the front triangle of the Xtep Carbon. This bottle holder has been designed to hold any type of bottle.

It's compatible

The Xtep's design is compatible with any rear shock absorber available on the market


Customisable display*

Compact and customisable via Bluetooth and with a Wi-Fi connection. You can configure different profiles based on the route you're taking. * Not included.


Profiles adapted to your route

E-tube app; Adjust the assistance levels and power of your Xtep Carbon via Bluetooth. And create different profiles to adapt your eMTB to the route you are taking.