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Enjoy the battle against the wind

Competing, riding on your favourite route, enjoying your favourite road, you are battling with the wind with every turn of your pedals. A battle you will no longer have to fight, so you can start enjoying yourself.

The color of dreams

The day least expected dreams become reality. Yesterday the rider was growing. TODAY the legend is created. Tomorrow his story will be remembered. Thus was born the special color Sparkling Red: a metallic finish on a paint that changes according to the focus and intensity of the light, displaying tones ranging from bronze to gold.

Aerodynamic and lightweight

Can you have it all? The BH Aerolight is the ultimate road bike. A model that combines the concepts of low weight - for which the BH Ultralight was created - and aerodynamics - the standout feature of the iconic BH G8


Concentrate on enjoying yourself

The BH Xtep Carbon opens up a new world of possibilities for e-MTBs. Its key features - performance, a genuine MTB feel and high battery capacity - have been enhanced in this new version.