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Aerodynamic and lightweight. Can you have it all?

The fight against the wind and the fight against gravity, together in one bike.

AERODYNAMIC. The sensations we are looking for speed, sprints, riding position... and aerodynamics is a key aspect in developing our competition frames. Years of studies, prototypes and simulations. We know you appreciate every extra second that aerodynamics gives you.

AERO GEOMETRY. We have combined our experience in elite competition with biomechanical analysis in order to develop a higher performance aero bike.


Enjoy the Performance.

A bike on which you can enjoy battling against the wind thanks to its meticulously designed aerodynamics.

The sensations we pursue with the new RS1 are speed, performance, and ergonomics.

In our development process for competition frames, aerodynamics is a fundamental pillar. Years have been dedicated to thorough studies, prototype creation, and simulations to ensure maximum performance and ergonomics designed for long distances.


The Quartz SL range is perfect for people who want to enter the world of road cycling without breaking the bank, yet still maintaining the values of comfort, dynamism and freedom


Enjoy the road

A minimalist endurance bike for cyclists who want to enjoy the road and their rides.

The SL1's frame is made of Toray carbon and with the HCIM (Hollow Core Internal Moulding) technology featured in BH's highend frames. The arrangement of the carbon fibres ensures a stiff, lightweight frame that weights 1,050 grams in the medium size.


The lightest.

Explosiveness and optimal stiffness to turn each stroke of the pedal into pure power.

We have developed the lightest possible bike to deliver outstanding performance. An agile climber that is suited to changes of speed and taking bends at top speeds.

LIGHTNESS. We have fully optimised its thickness in critical areas and, with our Hollow Core Internal Moulding (HCIM) technology, we have maximised the stiffness of the carbon.

AERO SHAPES AND MINIMISED TUBES. Despite being a performance bike, its straight lines and Aero shapes follow the design principles of the Aerolight. The minimised tubes maintain the characteristic geometry and essence of a BH competition bike.