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Aerodynamic and lightweight. Can you have it all?

Aerodynamic, lightweight, the highest level of integration and a stunning appearance. The BH G8 Disc has everything it needs to cope with any situation.

Using HCIM (Hollow Core Internal Moulding) technology, we have produced a frame that combines aerodynamic lines that have been analysed in wind tunnels and a very low weight. Completely hidden cabling helps to make it more aerodynamic. It also features the Di2 battery integration system and the saddle clamp is fully integrated into the frame.

Its aero geometry makes it a fully fledged competition bike. A fully versatile aero bike, to achieve high speeds when riding on flat terrains or sprinting, and to achieve outstanding performance on climbs.


Aerodynamic comes to life.

A machine designed to shave off seconds in competitions and win the never-ending battle against the wind. The BH Aerolight Disc is lightweight and stiff, even for larger triathletes.

To manufacture its carbon frame, we have used Hollow Core Internal Moulding technology to eliminate imperfections inside the frame and optimise the thickness of each area. The ACR system ensures fully internal routing, thus eliminating any elements that hinder the aerodynamics.

It has a notably racing geometry. It has a Kamm-Tail design so that the fork and down tube follow the contours of the front wheel as much as possible, to create a larger flat surface which improves its wind penetration properties.

A bike designed for outstanding performance and speed in time trials and long-distance races.