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Why am I being charged for the service if the part is under warranty?
Where is my order?
When will the bike be available for pickup?
What operating system is the BH Bikes app compatible with? What requirements need to be met for the app to work?
What is the minimum amount for free shipping?
What bike size do I need?
What are the closest stores to my address?
The store where I bought the bike has closed, and I have a warranty issue.
Is the lifetime warranty for all parts?
I've registered on the website, activated the warranty, but it doesn't appear in my profile.
I've registered my warranty, but I haven't received a confirmation email.
I want BH to sponsor me.
I need an item, but I don't see it on the website. Where can I get it?
I need a user manual for my bike.
I have a warranty issue. What do I need to do?
I have a bicycle under repair and I want to know its status.
I can't access my profile. How do I recover my password?
I bought a second-hand bike, does it have a warranty?
How much does my bike weigh?
How long is my warranty?
How do I register my warranty and what is it for?
How can I contact BH?
How can I check the availability of a bike model or component?
Can you deliver the order to my address?