G7 pro BH Bikes



Frame: 810 grams

Computer analyses in the wind tunnel and fluid dynamics. To optimise the aerodynamics to the same levels as the G7 Disc, computer analyses were carried out to improve the tube shapes even further and modify the key points to adapt to the forces that intervene in conventional braking.

Toray carbon T80 and T50 for perfect balance between rigidity and optimal weight

The G7 Pro is a monocoque frame made entirely of carbon fibre using the internal moulding technique for the frame. This exclusive system consists in applying high internal pressure to the mould in order to achieve the highest levels of compact material, thereby eliminating pressure variations and bubbles and imperfections in the carbon.

Sloping geometry

The narrower, shorter and asymmetric stays and the design of the rear brake has allowed us to achieve a much more sensitive and rigid rear that improves pedalling performance in climbs.

Internal cable guide

The innovative cable guide system of the G7 Pro can be integrated into either mechanical or electronic systems, guaranteeing maximum protection and reliability and making replacements very easy.

DI2 incorporated into the seatpost

The battery is completely housed and hidden via a patented clip system inside the seatpost. It is discreet, lightweight, insulated from humidity and easy to install.

Seatpost adjustment with double screw

This system provides extra aerodynamics and safety.












"A perfect bike for users that are looking for high performance where speed and reactivity are key."
My BH Unique











"The new aero road bike the French veteran is riding in his final Tour de France"Road.cc
"En el llano o en descensos tendidos, se muestra rápida y estable. Cuando el terreno pica hacia arriba, su ligereza y rigidez es destacable"TopBici
"Las mejores características de las bicicletas aerodinámicas con la ligereza y agilidad de las escaladoras"Arueda.com