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Yes, I had a normal car before I moved here.

This was one of the first things I sold when I arrived here, because I realised that a normal car stands there for 3 months without moving.

Even in small cities like Constance you’ve got no chance with a car because you’re standing in a long line with cars and it’s often like a kind of jog.

It’s much easier to go by bike.

People are important. Contact with other people is important. Nature is important.

BH Bike

If you go by bike you’re passing all of the cars on the right side.

It’s about something you do because you really enjoy it. You identify yourself with it. It’s a great way to explain yourself, express yourself.

The freedom is really…it’s not only the freedom to go wherever I like, it’s the freedom to stop wherever I like.

By bicycle I’ve got the opportunity to stop. I see something, a great place, a great coffee, or a friend of mine, I’m able to stop.

So it’s freedom for me to do this, there’s no timetable.

How you behave is important. What should you do? What should you learn? I like getting in touch with people.

Ben Jorga

How you behave is important. What should you do? What should you learn? I like getting in touch with people.

Ben Jorga

If you ask me what I do for life, really,

what I do for life is my family.

BH Bike

My family is all I’ve got and I really enjoy every moment with them and that’s the biggest thing in my life.I earn my money…I’m a teacher, I’m a teacher for little kids.
BH Bikes
But if you like to know more, if you like to know about the background, just take a book, take two or three hours, and you’ll learn much more than you’d ever have expected. I like technology, I like to use it. I like YouTube, I like to create something for it. I like to make stuff. But I don’t like to use all of it. Do I really need every part of it? I have the key in my hand to say, yes, I’d like to take this one and this one, maybe, maybe not. And this is what I try to do. Not being on every part, but the best.


I really enjoy this. You’re the second person in their lives, the first are the parents.

Then they come to primary school, they come to you, and you’re the person who shows them the world.

So you are important to them, you’re a really important person to them and everything you say it’s not only about mathematics – I do mathematics – but it’s not only mathematics.

It’s not about what you’re teaching them, it’s about waking a passion.