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A bike... Can it change your life?

Convince you to move home to the place where your mind finds happiness?

It may sound like something idyllic and unattainable, like the plot of a movie that will never materialize in real life. But so it has been for Annika Jeschke.

We all visit places that captivate us, that hook us, that revitalize us. Places with which we connect and where we imagine a new life.

It was the open door to a new world. A way to increase the limits of your known territory. More than just a vehicle, the bicycle became a freedom machine.

How far would you follow your emotions?Should you follow your head or your heart?

From adventure to adventure, Annika arrived at the Lake Reschen region.

The Reschensee (German for Lake Reschen) belongs to Italy and it is right in the triangle on the border with Austria and Switzerland. It has an exceptional climate, with 300 sunny days a year, and it is famous for the hospitality of the South Tyroleans who live in this area.

She could not have imagined that this place would change her life. Or maybe she could. Leaving everything behind and starting from scratch means facing a fresh start.

Leaving behind all of those years of working to build a secure life and swapping that for total uncertainty is not easy.


In addition to that idyllic setting, there is a network of trails that give you a rush of adrenaline.

“Most of the trails at Lake Reschen are technically challenging. That's precisely what fascinates me. Demanding, technical, long, natural and varied. It's a roller coaster of fun.”

“The beauty of the mountains, the meadows and the cabins keep me grounded."

Countless mountains, endless trails, picture-postcard scenery…that entire region captivated Annika.

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”I left Germany at the end of 2021. I gave up my freelance work as an estate agent and now I am spending the winter season working at the Aktivhotel Edelweiss (a hotel that is also a partner of BH).

And who would have thought it?



" It's also fantastic here in the winter. Sun, snow, mountains and the charming chalets.”

Annika Jeschke—BH Bikes Ambassador

" It's also fantastic here in the winter. Sun, snow, mountains and the charming chalets.”

Annika Jeschke—BH Bikes Ambassador

She is now living a new life. Enjoying a fresh start. Uncertainty has made way for confidence. Her mind is full of new plans and the feeling that she is living more intensely with each passing second.

“I've decided to move my whole life here. A good friend and I have lots of plans in mind. Our outdoor school starts in the summer, focusing on cycling and mental training.

“With love, courage, patience and confidence "EVERYTHING" is possible in life.”


There is also going to be a charity bike ride in September. We're riding on gravel bikes from BH's headquarters in Munich to Crete, under the slogan "Kidsevolution".”