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The new BH AtomX has evolved to become the perfect e-MTB for those seeking the greatest possible range and motor power above all else.

The X-System design moves up a level with the new BH AtomX Carbon. Just as previously, the shape of the down tube, joined to the top tube before reaching the head tube, provides an ideal location for a high-capacity battery.

It features a Brose SMag motor that is capable of quadrupling pedal assistance for the user, thanks to its 90 Nm maximum torque.

  • BROSE SMAG / 90Nm

  • 155Km / 720Wh

  • 21 Kg




The iLYNX Trail is an e-bike with 150 mm dual suspension, designed for Trail use.

The similarity between the iLynx Trail and a conventional MTB from the BH range goes beyond aesthetics. The frame is entirely made of carbon, using Ballistic carbon fibre, which is especially resistant to impacts, weighing just 1,975 grams.

The assistance provided by the 2EXMAG Gen2 motor is very natural thanks to its new torque sensor and the integrated speed sensor. The precise information collected by both and the new evolved software allow the motor to deliver its power in the smoothest and most progressive way possible. And it can assist at high cadence, up to 110 rpm.

  • BH2EXMAG Gen2 / 65Nm

  • 175Km / 720Wh
    540Wh + 180Wh (XPro Battery)

  • 18,7 Kg



The Atom is a bike with 140 mm dual suspension, designed for Trail use.

The battery is integrated into the down tube, giving the frame the traditional shape and compact geometry featured in all BH frames.

It features a BH motor that delivers maximum torque of 80 Nm and it is exceptionally smooth and capable of providing the user with 3.5 times extra assistance.

  • BH1E / 80Nm

  • 155Km / 720Wh

  • 24 Kg




The Xtep Carbon is the most innovative dual suspension e-bike with 140 or 160 mm of travel, made entirely of carbon.

It features a curved down tube and its motor is in an elevated position, ensuring unrivalled ground clearance for heavy use in Trail or Enduro cycling.

It features a Shimano EP8 motor that is highly efficient and includes an optimised Trail mode, ensuring a long range and many hours of enjoyment for the user.

  • SHIMANO EP8 / 85Nm

  • 155Km / 720Wh

  • 21 Kg