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A 140mm EMTB with maximum power for riding on any type of trail.

ATOMe ebikes feature the lighter, quieter and more compact Shimano EP6 motor, with the same low pedaling resistance as the EP801. Ideal for use on trails or in urban terrain, it guarantees natural pedaling and a maximum torque of 85Nm.

The ATOMe, with the split pivot suspension system for riding on any terrain. Maintaining more than 100% of the antisquat -which guarantees pedaling efficiency- and brak e squat -which guarantees optimal braking.

  • SHIMANO EP6 / 85Nm

  • 155Km / 720Wh

  • TS System



The Atom range, made of aluminium, features a geometry that sacrifices nothing. A bike that guarantees stability and performance.

The battery is integrated into the down tube, giving the frame the traditional shape and compact geometry featured in all BH frames.

It features a BH motor that delivers maximum torque of 80 Nm and it is exceptionally smooth and capable of providing the user with 3.5 times extra assistance.

  • BH1E / 80Nm

  • 155Km / 720Wh

  • 23 Kg




The perfect union between technology and performance, while maintaining the same sensations
you've always experienced on a bike.

  • BH 2EXMAG Gen2

  • 175Km / 720Wh

  • NR System



For the AtomS range we have developed an agile geometry without sacrificing anything. It is highly versatile and can be used in all conditions and on all terrains.

The battery that is integrated into the down tube gives the frame the traditional shape and compact geometry featured in all BH frames.

You can choose from two motors. The Brose SMag motor, capable of quadrupling pedal assistance for the user, thanks to its 90 Nm maximum torque. The lightweight and compact Brose CMag motor, with performance suitable for urban use and sport.

  • BROSE S&CMAG / 90Nm-50Nm

  • 155Km / 720Wh

  • 22 Kg