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Feel the light weight of the iLynx

Let the speed carry you away

Instant acceleration

Additional thrust
for each pedal stroke

And optimal stiffness

150 MM
Agile on climbs


Stable on the
most technical descents

With the control
of a Trail bike

Concentrate on enjoying yourself

our Split Pivot will do the rest

The main suspension axle is oversized for optimal stiffness and the strength and resistance of the rear axle

The wheel stays in contact with the ground during braking

The suspension is sensitive to small impacts and easily absorbs large impacts

New BH2EXMAG. Gen 2

250 W and fully integrated

New telemetry torque sensor

Provides 3 times the assistance
gradually and very quietly

Clock up as many
kilometres as you want

Up your numbers

Go to places you would never have been able to access before

Change your concept of near and far

Need more?

Add the additional plug & ride XPro battery
and increase your range by up to 175 kilometres

BATTERY = 540 WH + 180 WH (XPro) = 720 WH

RANGE = 130 km + 45 km (XPro) = 175 km

Garmin Connected

Connect the iRemote to your smartphone and Garmin device

Adjust your iLynx with the iConnect app


Fit-Fast Intervention Tool

Internal cables

Integrated saddle clamp

Chain guide

Turning radius limited to 150 degrees