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So lightweight, that you won't believe that it's an e-bike. Its frame is made of carbon, with the technology used in the frames of BH's high-end road bike range.

The freedom to cover miles. If you also include the additional XPro battery, it becomes a 720 Wh bike with a range of up to 220 km.

The extremely quiet and lightweight BH2EXMAG motor has allowed us to develop e-bikes with the same geometry as conventional bikes, tripling pedal assistance.

  • BH2EXMAG / 65Nm

  • 220Km / 720Wh
    540Wh + 180Wh (XPro Battery)

  • 12,5 Kg




Inspired by the Aerolight, it shares shapes, geometry, and design.The Kamm shapes of the tubes make the iAerolight a 100% aerodynamically efficient bicycle.

We have optimized the frame thickness of the iAerolight in critical areas to the maximum. And with our Hollow Core Internal Molding-HCIM modeling technology, we have maximized carbon stiffness in critical areas, achieving a weight of only 1,400 grams.

MOTOR BH2EXMAG GEN2. Lightweight 2.1 Kg, with a progressive and very quiet assistance, for an unbeatable driving experience through the implementation of electronic and mechanical advances. A 250W power that generates up to 65Nm of maximum torque.

  • BH2EXMAG GEN2 / 65Nm

  • 185Km / 590Wh
    410Wh + 180Wh (XPro Battery)

  • 11,8 Kg