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Never before have an XC World Cup MTB and an e-bike been so alike as with the BH iLynx Race Carbon and the Lynx Race EVO.

The frame of the iLynx Race Carbon has a built-in battery, which provides 540 Wh. But there's more. Thanks to the additional XPro battery, which is connected to the bottle holder as if it were a normal bottle, we can increase the range by 180 Wh to 720 Wh.

Its BH2EXMAG Gen2 motor is extremely small, very lightweight (just 2.1 kg), quiet and powerful. It has 250 W of power and maximum torque of 65 Nm. It does not generate any additional friction, using all of our pedalling power.

  • BH2EXMAG Gen2 / 65Nm

  • 175Km / 720Wh
    540Wh + 180Wh (XPro Battery)

  • 16,2 Kg