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With a long history on World Cup circuits, the new BH Ultimate is lightest MTB frame we've ever made: 820 g.

In the manufacture of its carbon frame, we have used the very best fibres, Toray T1100G, to achieve a record low weight of 820 grams , without sacrificing stiffness in any part of the frame. The meticulous “lay-up” design in the seat stays and seat tube has also allowed us to increase its ability to absorb vibrations.

Its geometry combines a racing feel with a safe ride, placing it ahead of the pack. Its ultracompact chainstays, only 420 mm, ensure agility and stunning acceleration. The perfect combination of stability on descents and reactivity on climbs. The 68º steering angle and increased reach enhance its performance on descents and on the most difficult terrains.


Speed, light weight, stiffness, agility, stability, great looks… A bike for the highest level of XC and bike marathon competitions on World Cup circuits.

Its frame is made entirely of carbon and it weighs 1,750 grams, a figure that makes it one of the lightest frames available on the market. The cables are inside the steering to achieve 100% internal cabling.

Our use of progressive geometries is reflected in a reach that is between 10 mm and 20 mm longer, a relaxed 68º steering angle and very compact chainstays that are just 430 mm. The combined effect is a perfect pedalling position for climbs and descents.

Split Pivot suspension system continues to lead the way in terms of independence between pedalling forces, braking and the suspension.