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Télécharger toute l’information technique de votre vélo  BH: le manuel de l'utilisateur, les instructions, les guides d'installation…


BH Bikes GPS Locator

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Declaration of Conformity | CNIT

EC Declaration of Conformity – 2018-2019

Télécharger (pdf 87.1 KB) Visualiser en ligne

EC Declaration of Conformity – e-Bikes 2018-2019

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E-Bikes Software

Atom X Display - Update 1.3
Software V1.3. Bug Fix:
Firmware: ED1BHI37
- Assistance levels equivalent to the Atom display.
- User settings are maintained after display off.
- Motor settings are maintained after display offs.
- Improved mobile bluetooth connection.
- Trip time and Total time stops when the bike is stopped.
- Trip Speed calculation.
- Health status of the battery (SOH).
- Settings available in any language.

Coming soon: Autonomy calculation, heart rate connection, navigation, weather forecast, mobile notifications and auto mode.

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[VIDEO] Software Update V1.3 - Atom X Display

video tutorial




ATOM X | Manuel de l'utilisateur

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ATOM | Manuel de l'utilisateur

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BOSCH | Manuel de l'utilisateur

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GPS Tracker | Manuel de l'utilisateur

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REBEL PW | Manuel de l'utilisateur

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