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Aerodynamic and lightweight. Can you have it all?

Aerodynamic, lightweight, the highest level of integration and a stunning appearance. The BH Aerolight has everything it needs to cope with any situation.

When developing the new Aerolight we had a clear goal: to create a frame with aerodynamic lines, maintaining a low weight and a high level of stiffness, essential features of any competition bike. Additionally, using the HCIM (Hollow Core Internal Moulding) manufacturing technique, we have created a frame without any internal imperfections and we have achieved optimum compaction. The result is a frame with aero lines which weighs just 950 grams.

Its aero geometry makes it a fully fledged competition bike. A fully versatile aero bike, to achieve high speeds when riding on flat terrains or sprinting, and to achieve outstanding performance on climbs.


Aero Performance.

A bike on which you can enjoy battling against the wind thanks to its meticulously designed aerodynamics.

We have used the Kamm Tail design when manufacturing its carbon frame — teardrop-shaped tubes finished in a perpendicular cut that minimises turbulence, for extremely high aerodynamic efficiency. Its cabling is 100% internal thanks to our use of the ACR system.

Its racing and aero bike look is accentuated by the aerodynamics and stiffness of the frame, helping to achieve outstanding performance on the road.


The Quartz SL range is perfect for people who want to enter the world of road cycling without breaking the bank, yet still maintaining the values of comfort, dynamism and freedom


Enjoy the road

A minimalist endurance bike for cyclists who want to enjoy the road and their rides.

The SL1's frame is made of Toray carbon and with the HCIM (Hollow Core Internal Moulding) technology featured in BH's highend frames. The arrangement of the carbon fibres ensures a stiff, lightweight frame that weights 1,050 grams in the medium size.


The lightest.

It was created to be a performance leader and to fully harness the cyclist's power. An ultralight, responsive bike, designed to achieve maximum stiffness and efficiency.

A high-modulus carbon frame with Toray T1100G fibres and areas reinforced with pitch-based carbon fibres, manufactured using HCIM technology. The end result is an ultralight frame that weighs just 750 grams. Additionally, because it uses an ACR steering system, it has 100% internal cabling. In terms of geometry, it features short chainstays to achieve the best possible power transmission and acceleration and a real feeling of agility. Its compact semi-sloping design forms a bike for top-level competition that is ideal for the toughest climbs.