Travelling by bike should be as exciting as your final destination and there is no better way to travel than with our line of electric bikes. You will discover new places that were unreachable before. You will stretch your capacities to unexpected levels. Mountain, road and city electric bikes, your experiences on the bike raised to the maximum. You set the limit now. Happiness has a name: e-bikes. Quiet motors, great response behaviour on any terrain, removable, long-lasting battery that is integrated in the frame and can be recharged using any domestic power socket. Cutting-edge technology that would give key electronic and aeronautical companies something to talk about. There's just one thing left to do: invite you to try them out.

The optimal layout of the electrical elements allows frames and bikes to be designed without sacrificing anything and allows a High Performance geometry to be developed.Thanks to the position of the down tube, there is sufficient fork and tyre width clearance for use in Enduro and Aggressive Trail cycling.



E-bike, points in favor according to Carlos Coloma and Valentí Sanjuan.

How do professional cyclists use it to train? How does your technique improve with them?

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